Monday, April 18, 2011

Back, sort of maybe

Been awhile. But I think it’s time to start writing again. The fact is that I’ve missed it, and as of recently I can’t really think of a reason not to. If you ever read this blog, you know that I started out reviewing Louis L’Amour stories, then expanded it to include other stuff while mostly focusing on L’Amour. I want to continue doing that—only thing is, since it’s been so long, everything I ever wrote is gone, with the exception of the few posts I wrote when I changed the blog to Red Horse Reboot. Not sure if I’ll keep that name—or, honestly, how long I’ll continue writing. That’s why I’m refraining from making a big declamatory “I’m back!” and you all add me to your blog rolls, then I stop writing and you think, “Huh?” So, anyway, look for something kind of soon. Not sure what the content will be, but you’ll find it here, at least for the short term.


  1. Welcome back Chris, even if it's for the short term.

  2. Sort of tentative there, Chris. But I understand. I'll be checking your new stuff out.