Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Valley of the Sun (Audio Dramatization)

I know that the first thing you'll probably notice is how the title above says "Audio Dramatization," but the picture to the left has a little "First time in paperback!" stamp. Before you fully discredit me, please know that the only audio copy I have of "Valley of the Sun" is an mp3 download—as such, I had no physical cover to scan into my computer, and so was left with whatever I could find. I found the image to your left on some website and, as there is nothing worse than not opening a blog entry with a picture, opted to include it.

Luckily, this audio production was more interesting than the paragraph you just read. It wasn't the best I've listened to, but it kept my attention well enough. Basically, a ranch hand on his way back from a big cattle sale is ambushed and robbed by a former coworker and a couple of his sketchy accomplices. The rest of the story is about how he battles adversity to serve justice and clear his name with the woman he loves. Standard stuff, but entertaining. Recommended.